Champagne Kisses

Birds sing of life in the fresh morning air, a new day, a fresh start. The Sun rises drenching my garden and room in its touch, enchanting the space with life. A dark wall of clouds thunder towards us, yet for now, all is calm as butterflies caress a bed of blossoms.

I drink far too many coffees, I consider myself quite the connoisseur, so this is my recipe for the perfect iced coffee at home…

(If you have a coffee machine at home, make an espresso instead of doing step 3 and continue as usual, also if you wish to sweeten this iced coffee, you can add a dash of sweetened condensed milk, I prefer not too as I drink so many of these when I am relaxing at home and it would be very fattening)

One of my birthday presents was a Champagne breakfast for two, down at the beautiful Darling Harbour, finally feeling better I decided to use this yummy gift! So off me and Mr X went to enjoy a little relaxation and delicious treats. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was far to busy enjoying myself to take ‘arty’ photos. The platter included; on the top tier, the perfect ‘sweet tooth’ breakfast, with fresh fruits and delicious (words cannot describe how delicious) Almond Friands (I need to get this recipe), on the bottom tier, traditional sausages, bacon, a yummy salmon eggs Benedict, and a crepe with a home made berry sauce.. Oh and a glass of champagne with strawberries of course!

Toni-Yvonne x

p.s. I will be adding some new pages/features to my blog, so any feedback would be appreciated!

All pictures apart from Personal Snapshots used from The Alternative Wife


19 thoughts on “Champagne Kisses

  1. I adore all the whiteness and purity effect of the photos in this post. The comfy and welcoming bed, the fluffy and pretty chair, and that lovely lace lingerie makes me SMILE=D

    Yum…sounds like you had a fab birthday celebration! Strawberries in champagne?????? What can i say, totally divine!!! I miss Darling Harbour, the view there is pretty Amazing (during the sunny days, of course)!!!

    Hope you have a great start to 2012!!!


  2. How wonderful it is to visit your blog and find such pretty fancies;-)
    The breakfast looks scrumptious and I adore your words. Reminds me of words upon a string of pearl;-)
    Happy Holiday.xx

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