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Toni-Yvonne x


La Séduction De La Vie

A harsh wind blows whipping blossoms and trees as they ferociously sway, dark clouds weep, their tears pour down lashing the cobblestone streets. The perfect day for sitting inside, coffee in hand wrapped in soft layers.

Life seduces us all with its beautiful grip of whirling emotions that we claim to understand, delicate details, natural wonders and eclectic quirks. Here is my little list of appreciating ‘La Séduction De La Vie’.

• Take time for yourself, indulge your senses and appreciate yourself. Whether this be a simple bubble bath, the dab of your favourite perfume or a cafe visit, a day trip. Happiness and beauty starts from within.
•Listen to beautiful music, let it enchant your space.
•Find something you find inspiring and enjoy, pursue it, surround yourself with it.
•Take a step back from the busy and often mundane pace of the modern day world, and just be.

Did I mention December 1st was my 18th birthday? I thought not. Enjoy some memories through my snapshots.

Toni-Yvonne x


Outside a crisp wind blows, engulfing the air in its frozen breath, dark clouds cry as their tears pour down from the velvet sky… Music seduces the dimly lit room, a candle flickers, perfume casts its spell as it weaves throughout the rooms, I sip a coffee.

This isn’t the first time I write to you, although this is a new blog, for a new beginning and a new chapter. Though I will re acquaint myself as time goes so fast and the mind can forget.

Favourite Smell; Blossoms & rich chocolate
Favourite Sound; Rain
Favourite to your sense of touch; Frogs & Petals
Favourite Flower; Wild Rose
Favourite Bird; Peacock
A diary of style, art, food, thoughts, inspiration.

Toni-Yvonne x