Champagne Kisses

Birds sing of life in the fresh morning air, a new day, a fresh start. The Sun rises drenching my garden and room in its touch, enchanting the space with life. A dark wall of clouds thunder towards us, yet for now, all is calm as butterflies caress a bed of blossoms.

I drink far too many coffees, I consider myself quite the connoisseur, so this is my recipe for the perfect iced coffee at home…

(If you have a coffee machine at home, make an espresso instead of doing step 3 and continue as usual, also if you wish to sweeten this iced coffee, you can add a dash of sweetened condensed milk, I prefer not too as I drink so many of these when I am relaxing at home and it would be very fattening)

One of my birthday presents was a Champagne breakfast for two, down at the beautiful Darling Harbour, finally feeling better I decided to use this yummy gift! So off me and Mr X went to enjoy a little relaxation and delicious treats. Sorry for the poor picture quality, I was far to busy enjoying myself to take ‘arty’ photos. The platter included; on the top tier, the perfect ‘sweet tooth’ breakfast, with fresh fruits and delicious (words cannot describe how delicious) Almond Friands (I need to get this recipe), on the bottom tier, traditional sausages, bacon, a yummy salmon eggs Benedict, and a crepe with a home made berry sauce.. Oh and a glass of champagne with strawberries of course!

Toni-Yvonne x

p.s. I will be adding some new pages/features to my blog, so any feedback would be appreciated!

All pictures apart from Personal Snapshots used from The Alternative Wife



A blanket of dark clouds stretch far above, they seem to have become a fixture in the sky, their tears hit the windows. Birds sing to a sea of drowning blossoms, the grey day ticks by. A day spent cuddled up in the warmth of a cashmere scarf, music enchanting the room, then later a coffee with a friend in the bustling city.

“Femininity is every woman’s gift”

“Candles flicker against the white walls, she parts her red lips as a smile enchants her face. In the dim light her dark eyes glimmer…”

The discreet and charming nature of femininity is a gift of all women, yet not all decide to experience and understand its delicate and subtle ways. Whether it be the way she holds herself or the curse of her writing, femininity is every woman’s greatest strength. Take time for yourself and treasure your quirks.

Femininity through my eyes..

•Care and compassion; beauty starts from within, the feminine traits of care and compassion are the most important of all. A beautiful body without this is simply a hollow shell, pointless and wasted.

• Perfume; the signature of a lady, the memory that lingers after your departure. Perfume is an intimate portrayal of the understanding of oneself.

•Red Lipstick, Smoky eyes and nude lips; these two make up styles for me are the go to for simple, understated beauty. Remember, makeup is there to enhance not create.

•Art and creativity; every woman has the power of creation, look after your mind and emotions, everything else will naturally fall into place.

•Inspiration; find something that inspires you and surround yourself with it. Have direction and pursue things that you love and fill your life with joy.

My week so far…

Toni-Yvonne x

Balmy nights

Morning sun creeps through the open balcony doors, drenching the room in its touch. The soft murmur of the city can be heard as birds sing of life in the humid air, cicadas cry. Turquoise waters seduce the landscape.

Finding a mix between youth and grace can be hard when getting dressed. Yet Valerie Tolosa’s alluring Spring/Summer collection does just that, with feminine prints and fabrics injected with vibrant colours and quirky takes on classic pieces ( a white lace pencil skirt, a delicate lace top with a beautiful zipper running up the back, floral high waisted shorts to name a few ).

Above on the left the “Fifi Playsuit” will be sure to get you noticed, full of playful charm this one piece makes a perfect go-to after beach outfit. On the right the “Amora Lace Short Sleeve top” is teamed with the “Francie frill skirt”, with subtle sensuality and a seductive allure this is one of my favourite combinations (maybe i’m biased, I own both pieces)

Again the “Francie Frill skirt”, yet this time teamed with the “Elsie Lace Bustier”. This outfit is incredibly versatile, able to go from casual bohemian flare, to a chic dinner simply with the change of accessories.

Here I am wearing the “Jeni Gathered Sash Dress”, its hard not to feel glamorously vintage in this dress. It features a daring open back which collides with its sweetness perfectly, adding a twist to this otherwise pretty dress.

My very beautiful model/friend Brittany is wearing a sample piece, one of only two. Hopefully this one will be made again for next summer as its a statement maxi that’s youthful and playful and extremely easy to wear and accessorize.

Trees sway with a soft breeze as blossoms bathe in the sunlight. Lack of Passion is Fatal.

Toni-Yvonne x